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Beach-inspired renovation and design tips for small spaces

This beach condo was still livin' in the 80’s. Mauve ceramic tile and butter cream carpet lined the hallways and bedrooms, while tulip tile decorated the kitchen back splash. Nothing felt beachy about this place other than the location. With thoughtful consideration, we transformed this little place into a true coastal retreat.

One of the first spaces we renovated was the kitchen. It really lacked countertop space and it had an oversized storage pantry that wasn't functional nor visually pleasing. We completely changed the configuration of the entire kitchen, with the exception of the sink and dishwasher --- these two items remained in the same location. Additionally, we expanded the countertops and installed beautiful granite, and lowered the bar to counter height in order to house two counter stools. We also made great use of this space by adding an in-door laundry.

In the dining area just off of the kitchen, we added some character to the home by building a seating nook with a custom bench, cushions and pillows to match. This is the perfect cozy place to sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the views of the swaying palm trees outside.

To “beach up” the walls, we added flat panel wainscoting throughout the condo. The white wainscoting really pops next to the gray walls. The floors were changed to a 7” wide driftwood plank LVT that really anchored everything and gives the place the perfect beach vibe it was missing. Lastly, finish details including beach-inspired accents and accessories throughout the home really pulled this little place together.

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